Do You Have Confidential Scripts On Your Device?

Protect Your Scripts From Undesired People

Are you going to deliver a speech in the MET Gala and are scared about the idea of someone reading it days before? Prof. Hornet has the solution!

Enable the Biometric Access of your Teleprompter App

Now you can protect your scripts with your face or finger. Just enable the option in the setting’s screen and next time you (or someone) will enter to the app, will have to verify your identity.

iPhone XR Biometic Access for Prof. Hornet Teleprompter
iPhone XR Biometric Access for Prof. Hornet Teleprompter
iPhone XR Biometic Access for Prof. Hornet Teleprompter
Biometric Access for Prof. Hornet Teleprompter














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Unsplash And Green Screen Teleprompter App

Use Photos of Professional Photographers

Do not know what Green Screen Teleprompter App can do?

It is an application for iPhone and iPad that allows you to record videos without learning your speeches, you just have to read what appears on the screen. The app also allows you to change your background if you have a blue or green screen behind.

Unsplash Screenshot for Prof.Hornet Teleprompter
Unsplash intregrated with Green Screen Teleprompter

We have integrated Unsplash with Green Screen Teleprompter app. Now you can search any photo and set it as background in your videos.

Unsplash is a website where photographers can share high resolution images, make them publicly available for everyone for free even for commercial use.

It claims over 110,000 contributing photographers and generates more than 9 billion photo impressions per month on their growing library of over 810,000 photos.

Green Screen Teleprompter App
Green Screen Teleprompter App

Take a look:

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