Malatesta Video Teleprompter App.

Professional teleprompter for iPhone and iPad with Video Recording , Chroma Mode and Speech Recognition technology that will track and follow your voice.

🎥 Great for Youtube, Instagram or any other social network, business and class presentations, keynote addresses, tv programs, podcasts or any voice/video work.
👨‍💼 Used by vloggers, teachers, keynote speakers, singers, businessmen, broadcasters, students, priests...


Malatesta is a versatile and feature rich teleprompter (autocue) application for iPhone and iPad. It is an intuitive application designed for industry professionals, students, businessmen, singers, reporters, broadcasters..

It's the perfect tool for presenting your video tutorials, radio programs, TV shows, class lectures, keynote addresses, Youtube videos, wedding toasts, business presentations..

iPhone & iPad

The app is designed for both iPhone and iPad.

Video Recording

Record yourself and save your videos to your camera roll (Video and audio recording).

Smart Scroll

Use the Speech Recognition technology to make the script move only when you talk.

Automatic Subtitles

Generate subtitles automatically from your script or from your video (once already recorded).

Add your Logo and Text to your Videos

Add your brand logo or whatever you want to your videos and make them more corporative.

Chroma Key

Real-Time and postproduction green screen video. Use your chroma to create 'magic' videos.

Remote Control

Control your teleprompter from another iOS Device with Remote Control app, from your  Watch or from a remote keyboard.

Portrait & Landscape

Read and record your speech in your favorite orientation.

AE/AF Lock

AE/AF Lock is an iPhone camera feature that allows you to lock the focus and exposure values when taking a recording a video

Video Editor

Trim your videos, chage the speed, add effects...

Cloud Services

Import speeches from cloud services: Box, Dropbox, Gmail, Google Drive, OneDrive...

Apple Watch

Control your teleprompter from another Apple Watch.

Rich-Text Editor

Font, text size, text color, text weight, text highlighting, underline, italic, strikethrough, text alignment, background color...

Scroll Speed

Adjust your reading speed in words per minute (wpm).

Mirror Mode

Mirror your scripts and view them through a two-way mirror, just like a professional teleprompter.


Set the time you need, get in front of your device and... 3.. 2.. 1.. READ

'Open with' Option

Add your .pdf, .doc .docx .txt and .rtf files to the app with the 'open with' option available in multiple apps.

Multiple Indicators

Reading guide and line indicator to help keep your place.

Notes Over the Script

Add notes, comments, indexes or anything you need to remember during your speech.

Times On the Screen

Estimated remaining time and elapsed time on the screen.

Favorite Font Style

Customise your favorite font style and use it on your scripts.


You will never see ads in the app.

Eye contact
Apple atch control
Add your brand logo or text to your videos
Generate subtitles automatically


Single payment. No subscriptions.
Free Easy Pro Green Screen
$0 $4.99 $9.99 $14.99
Smart Scroll with Speech Recognition
Video Recording
Green Screen
Chroma Color Selection
Chroma Image Selection
Automatic Subtitles In-app purchase
Script Width to Look Directly at the Camera Lens
Script Height to Look Directly at the Camera Lens
Auto-Video Record
Orientation Portrait & Landscape Portrait & Landscape Portrait & Landscape Portrait & Landscape
Number of Scripts 5 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Words per Script 500 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Max Video-Time Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Countdown 3 secs 60 secs 60 secs 60 secs
Add your Logo to your Video
Add Text to your Video
Post Production Effects
Resolution 1280x720 1280x720
Real-Time Video Effects In-app purchase
Mirror Mode
Favorite Font Style
Rich-Text Editor Limitations
Script Navigator
Remote Keyboard
Remote Control App
 Watch App
File Manager for Mac OS
Reading Guide
Custom Speed for Each Script
Line Spacing
Control Text Speed
Background Color
Biometric Access
Adjust Video-View Size
Adjust Overlay Transparency
Video Content Mode


How to import files?

Public speaking will never be the same again! Import .doc .docx .rtf, .txt and .pdf files and the app will convert them automatically into scripts. Set your iPad or iPhone in front of you and let it scroll through your speech.

There are different ways to add your files:

  • From the app. Import Script > Choose your cloud service.
  • Using the ‘Open in’ option available in multiple apps like Google Drive, Dropbox, Mail… Just press this button and your file will be sent to the app.
  • Via AirDrop. Just select with which app you wanna open the selected file.
  • Writing directly in the app. Malatesta app have a complete built-in editor.
  • Using the File Manager for Mac OS — This app will mirror in the iOS app what you write in your laptop.


Remote Keyboard

Use any remote keybord and control your teleprompter with it:

🔼 Up arrow: Scroll up.
🔽 Down arrow: Scroll down.
◀️ Left arrow: Decrease speed.
▶️ Right arrow: Increase speed.
➖ Space: Play/Pause.
📼 'R' key: Start/Stop recording.
📸 'P' key: Take photo.
📹 'V' key: Open/Close video.
📖 'B' key: Previous script.
📖 'N' key: Next script.

Remote Control

App Store

Control your teleprompter / autocue from another iOS Device. Place the iPhone or iPad with the teleprompter app wherever you want. Get comfortable and control your teleprompter from another iOS device: Play, pause, scroll up, scroll down, change the indicator, show or hide your notes, change to mirror mode, show or hide the video view, start or stop recording, control the scroll speed.

File Manager for Mac OS

App Store

Edit and send your files easily from your Mac to your iOS Malatesta app. Choose your file or create a new one and transfer it to your iPhone or iPad. How to use the File Manager:

1 - Your Mac and your iPhone/iPad must be on the same wifi network.
2 - Open your Malatesta Teleprompter app on your iPhone or iPad and press the "New Script" button.
3 - Your device will appear in the "Devices list". Click on it.
4 - Write your script or drag your file to the window.
5 - Press the "Send" button to see the script in your device.

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