Questions You Have

How to import your scripts?

Public speaking will never be the same again! Import .doc .docx .rtf, .txt and .pdf files and the app will convert them automatically into scripts. Set your iPad or iPhone in front of you and let it scroll through your speech.

There are different ways to add your files:

From the app.

Press the "Import Script" button and then choose your cloud service or directory in the Files app.

Using the ‘Open in’ option...

...available in multiple apps like Google Drive, Dropbox, Mail… Just press this button and your file will be sent to the app.

Via AirDrop.

Just select with which app you wanna open the selected file.
Obviously, The Autocue App.

Writing directly in the app.

The Autocue App have a complete built-in editor.

Using the File Manager app

 This app will mirror in the iOS app what you write in your laptop.